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2022-2023 Business Management Classes

4th Period

3rd Period

4th Period


22-23 Officers

5th Period

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Here you will get to know what our classes are all about!


Here at the Trojan Exchange we like to focus on the ability to give our customers the items they need. We do this throughout the classes we offer at East Central. This year we were lucky enough to have enough for 3 DIFFERENT CLASSES. Each serving their own purpose...

3rd Period: Event Management

4th Period: Store Management

5th Period: Online Management

We are extremely excited to give you products that we hope can reach your spirit gear needs!


Our mission is to deliver quality EC spirit gear at a good price. We will work to keep our items stocked to provide the nest possible service for our customers and community.


We aspire to be the #1 spirit store in Southeastern Indiana. We also would like to be able to give people the experience of the business industry, while being in High School!


A few big goals we would love to achieve is to get 80% of our school to know who we are and what we are about. We would also like to give away $30,000 in scholarships at the end of the year for our seniors.

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